Team Spotlight: Lola Reinhardt

Team Spotlight: Lola Reinhardt

by Michael Won

The creative team: where the magic happens at LIKELIHOOD.  Many might not know this, but nearly all of our editorials are produced in-house by our team of ultra talented creatives.

From graphic designers to photographers, our crew continues to delight & excite our fanbase, pushing the boundaries of what makes us unique as a brand.

This week, we sat down with Creative Lead, Lola Reinhardt. 

What's your name and how long have you been with Likelihood?

Hey there! I’m Lola Reinhardt and  I have been on the Likelihood Creative Team since February of 2021.

What originally got you into photography and how long have you been shooting?

My high school was lucky enough to have a darkroom and a very dedicated film/digital photography teacher, so I officially realized my photographic aspirations in 2015. I transitioned to digital photography a couple years after, wanting to better my photoshop skills. Now I own a mirrorless Fujifilm X-T4 and produce various multi medium photo projects outside of work.  

Who/what are some sources of inspiration for you?

My mom was my first inspiration, she has been a self employed prop stylist and private chef since I can remember. Growing up in Seattle, the natural landscapes of the PNW have always fueled my artistic expressions, both visually and energetically. I am also a strong believer that color makes everything better, especially pastels.

As someone who photographs a lot of different products, what are some items and/or brands you've had your eyes on?

My favorite brands that we carry are Needles and Our Legacy. I’ve definitely had my eye on the Mohair Cardigans from Needles, and the Third Cut jeans from Our Legacy. Both these brands have solid quality pieces that could be styled endlessly on anyone. One day I’ll own a piece from both.    

What kind of creative projects outside of work are you currently pursuing?

I am the kind of artist who will be working on multiple projects at once and maybe never even finish them. Right now I am planning a film photoshoot with a human subject, a bio art piece growing petri dishes, collages with various collected items, and revamping my website! I am also trying to read more artist written books to help me find the words to describe what I create. 

What are some of your favorite recent editorials you've worked on? Why?

As of recently, one of my favorites is the Dr. Martens “City Steppers” video editorial. Getting to experiment with and learn green screening is new for me and opens so many doors conceptually. I also love the Tom Wood “Subtle Spring Silver” editorial because photographing textures on a macro level is very pleasing. Both these editorials were collaborations with my other teammates, and I think that’s what yields the most successful editorials.  

Where can people find your work? 

On Instagram @llllooolla and I have a site coming soon!