What We're Doing, with Victor Alhadeff

What We're Doing, with Victor Alhadeff

by Store Admin

Get to know the LIKELIHOOD team in our latest blog series, What We're Doing.

For this week's employee feature, we sat down with Victor Alhadeff, one of the most gifted Store Support employees to have ever worked here at LIKELIHOOD. A little bit about Vic: he absolutely loves to ski, can speak Italian almost fluently (keyword: almost), and is moving back to Colorado in the coming weeks for his junior year of college. We're certainly going to miss the positivity, energy, and quick-witted humor that he brings to the team every day. So here's to you and your future collegiate endeavors, Victor! The LIKELIHOOD team wishes you the absolute best on your journey ahead.

Without further ado, we present to you Victor Alhadeff.


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Tell our audience a little about yourself, Victor!

So my name is Victor Alhadeff, I work as the Store Support here at LIKELIHOOD. Basically, what that means is that I’m on the floor or in the back doing everything that deals with the selling and supply of all of our products. I definitely stay busy setting up the store while consistently learning how the business runs, from shipping all the way to presentation and sales. What else… oh! I am a big skier; I’ve skied my entire life in Idaho and used to ski race as well. I also love biking, and recently picked up golfing, which I constantly try to filter out the pretentious side of that sport one swing at a time.

I also love a good Dicks cheeseburger, Skittles and Mentos, and although I'm not 21-years-old yet, I have been a big fan of making - not drinking - negronis. Last but not least, I love great shoes and clothes! This is random, but I’ve been a LIKELIHOOD customer since the business first opened six years ago. Being part of the team is awesome because now I get to see you behind the curtain like the Wizard of Oz!

Where were you born and raised?

I was born and raised in Seattle, Washington, actually a block and a half away from LIKELIHOOD. I also went to high school across the street from LIKELIHOOD on 12th and Madison. I have three sisters, one of which is my twin. I will say, it’s been pretty awesome growing up in the Pacific Northwest. I think you get to appreciate the outdoors, but it’s a pretty tight-knit community so you definitely learn to hate it (if you’re not a fan) or love it - I’m the latter. Lastly, I currently go to Colorado College in Colorado Springs, studying in creative design and architecture with a minor in Italian.

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What outdoor activities are you into?
So I’ve been downhill skiing since I was three actually. I did a little bit of ski racing at Crystal Mountain here in Washington and some bike racing in the Velodrome... which is pretty awesome yet dangerous. I can’t speak about skiing though without bringing up Sun Valley. It has basically been my second home throughout my life, and was my full-time home during the pandemic. If you don’t know Sun Valley, it’s this tiny town/community in Idaho that stretches across a gigantic range of mountains. Everyone knows it for skiing, but it’s just a magical place to experience the outdoors and learn new skills for outdoor activities. They have everything from ice-skating and cross country skiing to mountain biking and fishing. I’ve recently fallen in love with cross country skiing - also known as Nordic skiing - which is a totally different way to experience the outdoors in the winter. As I previously mentioned, I also have been on a big golf-kick for the past year through the pandemic, hanging out with friends at least six feet away.

What’s a secret you don’t normally tell people?

I know this is stupid, but my shoe size... I’m like a size 7.5 to 8, which is pretty small. I know that’s not embarrassing or anything, but it’s a thing I don’t usually tell people unless they ask, which never happens. Another secret that I have is… [laughs] Well, in 8th grade, I made a rap song and it actually got kind of popular. I haven’t checked in a while, but at one point the video reached like 5,000 views on YouTube. Come to think of it, the SoundCloud song might have more listens than views on YouTube. Anyway, good luck trying to find it! I haven’t made music ever since, but it was fun while it lasted. My rapping days are long gone.

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What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to?

Oh, that’s a good yet tough question! The best concert I’ve ever been to has to be Kendrick Lamar. I saw him when he was on tour with his DAMN. tour, where I also got to see Travis Scott perform... Oh my gosh, that shit was amazing. Kung Fu Kenny went off with the theatrics and the performance as a whole was amazing. I remember pretty well how at one moment during the concert, Travis had a fan in the crowd jump off of the stage. That’s not an uncommon thing to witness at a Travis concert, but what was awesome about it was how fire shot off the stage into the sky as the fan jumped off the stage. The show from start to finish was absolute insanity. I'm so glad I wasn’t in the mosh pit though, I most likely would’ve ended up in the hospital.

What are your favorite LIKELIHOOD brands? 

I think my favorite LIKELIHOOD brands lately have been Issey Miyake Homme Plisse, Brain Dead and Stussy. I am so glad that we are carrying Stussy. You can’t go wrong with any of those brands though, they always keep it fresh and you definitely look as good as you feel in some Pleated Cropped Trousers. I also love the Comme des Garçon SHIRT collection because of how creative their line is. Their patterns are fantastic, and honestly I can’t think of another brand out there like CDG. I also am big on CDG PARFUM, which we always have in-stock. I rarely show up to work not smelling like one of the many CDG scents. All that said, there are so many amazing brands and products that we carry, it’s kind of hard to pick, but I would say those are my favorites right now. Also, you can’t have this conversation without mentioning Nike. They just make classic silhouettes and new iterations of some originals that will always be in style.


Follow Victor on Instagram @victoralhadeff_, and - again - good luck trying to find his rap video on YouTube!