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Kisee-V White
Kisee-V White
Kisee-V White
Kisee-V White
Kisee-V White
Kisee-V White

Kisee-V White

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Previously impossible to track down outside their native Japan, Suicoke started out life making hand painted Russian dolls, eventually moving on to footwear when they teamed up with legendary rubber manufacturers Vibram (pronounced Vee-brum). Nothing beats a Vibram sole for traction. The Vibram sole earned its status first in mountaineering. In fact, the first ascent to K2, the second highest peak in the world also known as Savage Mountain, was made in 1954 by a mountaineer wearing Vibram soles.

Along with the sturdy Vibram soles, Suicoke sandals come with tremendous attention to detail and craftsmanship. The soles are ergonomically molded with a cushioned footbed for maximum versatility and comfort. The upper neoprene straps feel solid yet smooth on the skin. Looking from afar, the Suicoke sandals' careful placement of the straps and the meticulously designed footbed give the Suicoke sandal its distinct look.

Having made their international debut in Spring 2014, Suicoke has captured quite a following. For some, sandals are an afterthought in the summer, but those that wear Suicoke sandals can do anything.

Apr 08, 2019

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