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Ralph Steadman Skate Deck Monarch Butterfly
Ralph Steadman Skate Deck Monarch Butterfly
Vans Vault

Ralph Steadman Skate Deck Monarch Butterfly

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Ralph is a legendary artist and provocateur, and Vans is beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to feature original Steadman art for this Vault by Vans collection...and in doing so, raise awareness about animal endangerment and extinction.

The monarch butterfly annually migrates thousands of miles from Canada to Mexico. This is all the more extraordinary as its average adult lifespan is five weeks and the journey may take up to eight weeks. Somehow they survive. Illegal logging has destroyed significant amounts of its Mexican hibernation habitat, but the creation of the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve by the Mexican government is working well in protecting this monarch of migration from further harm.

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Apr 27, 2019

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