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We designed our store experience around 3 core principles:

  1. Fun Discovery:

     We want to spark your curiosity and invite you to engage with our space. The stadium at the back end of the store is built to walk on, so jump up on it when you want to see a shoe up close. We will never organize our store by brand, by style or by color so that you can discover new styles and colors. 
  2. Globally Inspired, Locally Made:

    Our store experience pulls inspiration from retail stores throughout the world. For example, the hexagon lights are inspired by the Martin Margiela store in Singapore. The neon sign is an art piece from Canadian artist Kelly Mark. Yet, all of it is made by local artists - the lights by Seattle sculpture Troy Pillow and the neon sign by Seattle's Noble Neon.
  3. An Exhale Moment:

    We want to be an exhale moment in your day. This is why we edit our in-store selection regularly and never stuff the store with product. We want you to walk in, get a warm welcome and enjoy exploring our curated selection. We cull it down, so you don't have to.