Chuck Taylor '70 Hi White

Converse X Comme Des Garcons PLAY

"Peek a boo. I see you," goes the iconic red heart on the Converse Chuck Taylor '70's.

Comme des Garçons PLAY x Converse White canvas high-top Chuck Taylor '70 Hi sneakers printed at side with signature red playful heart. Also available in black high-top, black low and white low.

The Story Behind the Red Heart:

 The PLAY line for CdG was designed by CdG founder Rei Kawakubo and launched in 2002 as "a sign, a symbol, a feeling."  Polish artist Filip Pagowski designed the iconic red heart with two eyes. Here's how he explained the birth of the red heart in AnOther Magazine,  2012, "The heart image happened simultaneously with, but independently of the creation of the PLAY line. It's as if Rei Kawakubo and I were affected subliminally by each other's work. I remember working on something...not connected to anything. I got this idea of a red heart with a set of eyes. I drew it instantaneously and the first draft was it. I submitted it for another CdG project, for with it never made it, but eventually it resurfaced; making bigger wages as a logo for the PLAY line."


 "The PLAY line makes its wearer instantly part of the cult Comme des Garçons club"


SIZING NOTE: The new Chuck Taylor '70 for PLAY run 1 size big. Please size down 1, so for example if you are typically a size 10 then a size 9 is best.


$ 125.00

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  • Chuck Taylor '70 Hi White
  • Chuck Taylor '70 Hi White
  • Chuck Taylor '70 Hi White
  • Chuck Taylor '70 Hi White
  • Chuck Taylor '70 Hi White
  • Chuck Taylor '70 Hi White