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Ralph Steadman Skate Deck Black Rhino
Ralph Steadman Skate Deck Black Rhino
Vans Vault

Ralph Steadman Skate Deck Black Rhino

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Ralph is a legendary artist and provocateur, and Vans is beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to feature original Steadman art for this Vault by Vans collection...and in doing so, raise awareness about animal endangerment and extinction.

Once there were 850,000 black rhinos roaming the planet, but human encroachment, habitat change for agricultural purposes, and poaching for rhino horns saw their numbers dwindle to next to nothing. Chinese medicine uses the horn for various ailments, and recently in Vietnam it was alleged to be a cure for cancer—creating a whole new market (and problem). Although conservation has helped the black rhino’s numbers rise to around 5,000, education is imperative and awareness campaigns can teach people the truth about rhinos and their horns.

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Apr 27, 2019

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