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Ralph Steadman Skate Deck Sawfish
Ralph Steadman Skate Deck Sawfish
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Ralph Steadman Skate Deck Sawfish

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Ralph is a legendary artist and provocateur, and Vans is beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to feature original Steadman art for this Vault by Vans collection...and in doing so, raise awareness about animal endangerment and extinction.

This once-abundant sawfish inhabits various areas of the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean, with sightings becoming increasingly rare. Sawfish parts are used in Chinese medicine and shark fin soup, and the rostrum (the elongated snout lined with saw-like teeth) is often displayed as a decorative curio or trophy. Irresponsible fishing methods accidentally trap sawfish in nets, but new techniques could protect this unusual fish from becoming no more than a historical relic on a dusty shelf

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Apr 27, 2019

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