Disney Mickey 90th Skate Deck Mr. Cartoon

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Legendary tattoo artist Mark Machado, more famously known as Mr. Cartoon, is a Mexican-American artist born and raised in Los Angeles, California. Cartoon is recognized and sought after for his richly detailed hand-rendered style of fine line tattooing—a technique that uses diluted black ink to create shadows and depth. What sets his work apart is the textural intricacy and stunning details of his three-dimensional-appearing works.

Following a superlative list of celebrities and artists like Kobe Bryant, Eminem, and Beyoncé who carry his work forever emblazoned on their bodies, Cartoon has also been tapped by the motion picture industry for commissioned graffiti murals, album artwork for various musicians, illustration work for Grand Theft Auto video games, and collaborations with brands like Toyota, Supreme, and Vans.

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  • Disney Mickey 90th Skate Deck Mr. Cartoon
  • Disney Mickey 90th Skate Deck Mr. Cartoon