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Where's my Booster Baby Blue
Where's my Booster Baby Blue

Where's my Booster Baby Blue

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Coming straight out of the LIKELIHOOD laboratory is our COVID-19 Vaccination Button Collection. Custom made by our very own Dr. Poppla, these metal buttons are as durable as any FDA approved vaccination and as exciting as getting past that second week, fully vaccinated waiting period.

DONATIONS All proceeds will be donated to World Vision’s Coronavirus Emergency Response, helping the most vulnerable children and families around the world - especially in India, where the devastating increase in cases has overwhelmed the healthcare system.

Visit World Vision's website at and their Instagram @worldvision to learn more. To find and schedule COVID-19 vaccine appointments in Washington state, visit

The LIKELIHOOD Vaccination Button Collection is available online now at and in-store. $5.00 per pin, eight different designs available.

Aug 30, 2021