Born out of a ski workshop in 1947 Annecy, France, Salomon’s rise to notoriety began in the winter sport industry. Nearly 20 years after starting, the company made its large scale debut at the 1966 Olympic Games, eventually becoming the world’s #1 binding manufacturer some years later. The massive popularity Salomon developed through their sportswear products is only a chapter in their developing story, with streetwear and high fashion taking notice far later along their timeline. The brand has recently championed the ‘Gorpcore’ genre, an acronym for “Good Ol’ Raisins and Peanuts.” And following their move into streetwear, the sneaker label has been enlisted for the collaborative work by the likes of Comme Des Garcons, along with 111 Boris Bidjan Saberi and ERL in 2021 alone. 




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