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Brain Dead | Spring 2021

Drop 1 of Brain Dead’s Spring collection seeks to explore otherworldly dimensional levels and (as always) stamp out reality. The collection was shot in the ultimate spatial location, invaded with huge photobioreactors that perfectly embody the innovation seen throughout the product. This collection features utilitarian silhouettes infused with in non-conventional details such as fabric paneling.


New Styles In From Karhu. Renowned for their good quality, innovative functionality, and smart yet simple designs.

Refreshed Americana: Needles’ Butterfly Effect

Needles’ co-creators, designer Keizo Shimizu and Daiki Suzuki are fully responsible for Nepenthes, the fashion firm giant responsible for setting off a chain reaction of vintage and Americana-inspired collections within Japan’s fashion sphere.

Converse x Chinatown Market

The nostalgic aesthetic of Chinatown Market recreates the championship leather jackets of the ’02 Lakers and ’98 Bulls on the Chuck 70 and Pro Leather. | Available 3/12/21 at online 7am PST.

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