Introducing, Doublet

Introducing, Doublet

by Michael Won

Founded by Masayuki Ino in 2012, Doublet seeks to inject a sense of childlike wonder and imagination into an industry that often takes itself too seriously.

With 7 years of experience working for Mihara Yasuhiro as a chief designer of footwear and accessories under his belt, Ino’s transition to pursue his own brand was an intuitive next step. His first collection debuted in 2013, and in 2018, Ino was announced as the winner of the highly acclaimed LVMH prize - the first Asian designer to ever win.

In an interview with i-D, Ino states, “Most of my ideas come from childhood memories or Japanese TV comedy. It was the golden age of it [Japanese TV comedy] when I was young…” But you don’t need to be familiar with Japanese television, or Japanese comedy to see Ino’s creative vision and artistic intention. The invisible man tracksuit, the rusty bucket bag, and the finger keychain all exude a sort of ‘good-natured playfulness’ that in some way, shape, or form, is reminiscent of many of our childhoods.

The name ‘Doublet’ was inspired by Lewis Carroll’s book, ‘The Adventures of Alice in Wonderland’, and can be best described as “words with similar meanings but subtle differences.”

This definition seems to perfectly encapsulate Ino’s design philosophy - taking garments that feel familiar, and adding a subtle (and sometimes, not so subtle) twist. Ino utilizes easily recognizable silhouettes - a tracksuit, button-down shirt, denim jacket, and metal bucket - and transforms them into garments that are unapologetically playful. The result is a collection that evokes laughter, curiosity, and nostalgia, proving that ‘high fashion’ and ‘luxury’ can be anchored in lightheartedness and innocence.

Doublet charges us with the great task of not taking ourselves so seriously - to find the whimsical in the every day and to embrace the child-like imagination that still exists within all of us.

We could all use more of this in our lives. More reasons to laugh and be silly. More reasons to care less about what people think of us. More reasons to find the whimsical and imaginative in the everyday…

This is Doublet.