Introducing, Magic Castles

Introducing, Magic Castles

by Ian Peterson

Magic Castles

From the moment they were given their name, Magic Castles has been showing their true, psychedelic origins. The title emulates something along the lines of a trippy amusement park, the setting for every new season brought out by the brand since their birth.

Coming second to psychedelia for Magic Castles is music. Despite finding themselves in the fashion industry, creator Chris Stoker’s passion and love for music can’t help but seep into his clothing designs and beyond. Some items feel pre-sound tracked by rave music, others immersed in the nightlife found in and around London. With all of this coming clear as day to those interested in Magic Castles, Stoker and company go even further in their own music work, Soho Radio.

Magic Castles, Likelihood

The brand’s latest collection (and our first of many) draws inspiration from Slack - a rave that occurred throughout the 90’s, which produced an array of fascinating zines & flyers. The Slack Crew hosted free parties in Sussex, with the sole purpose of “championing togetherness, freedom and music.” Flip through any page of a Slack zine and you’ll see how Magic Castles’ collection is brought to life directly through the collective’s deep exploration of electronic music.

Staff Favorites from the Collection:


Wave Shirt Wave Print Red: Created with the instantly recognizable work of Lester Laidlaw, the Wave Shirt’s boxy fit and flowy material combine for the ideal summer shirt.


Slouch Hoodie Charcoal: Made to emulate the perfect vintage hoodie, the Slouch Hoodie is garment dyed and cropped for a comfortable yet proportionate look. Delicately embroidered branding gives nods to Magic Castles’ monthly Soho radio show.


Trip Pant Ecru Twill: Detail-oriented with a silk embroidered logo, the Trip Pant provides a relaxed cut using high quality cotton twill. And as always, it’s made with love and laughter.


2 Layer Short Lester Print Blue: Magic Castles’ 2 Layer Short makes for the perfect warm weather statement, constructed in viscose and layered with navy and the brand’s standout print for Spring/Summer.

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