Introducing, ERL

Introducing, ERL

by Ian Peterson

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Upon discovering a new brand, the most important trait anyone seems to look for is a sense of identity. Consistent sources of inspiration, recognizable graphics, and shapes unlike anything in existence are what establishes a label’s legacy for years to come. It’s for this reason (along with several others) that we are thrilled to bring you ERL. ERL is as Californian as it gets, crafting each piece to ooze references to sunny Venice Beach. All of this would never have been possible without founder Eli Russell Linnetz, one of fashion’s current most exciting names. He created his brand ERL in 2018, but only after developing a resume stacked with celebrity involvements and brand collaborations. Some examples include but are not limited to, video and design direction for Kanye West, set design for Lady Gaga, and work on Comme Des Garcons’ Andy Warhol-inspired film. Carrying forward with his bright color palette and Venice Beach inspiration, Linnetz turned heads at Paris fashion week and at the Met Gala dressing ASAP rocky with the now legendary quilt. 

Along with their design inspiration, ERL’s work remains fully unisex and size inclusive, making sure anyone can express themself the way Linnetz intended.

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Staff Picks:


Gradient Sweater Knit: Using the bright rainbow color palette synonymous with ERL, the Gradient Sweater Knit gives a psychedelic perspective on 2021’s chunky sweater trend. Its head-turning design is paired with a slouchy, oversized cut that emphasizes the comfort its alpaca-mohair blend creates.


Wave Hooded Sweatshirt Knit Pink: Since the beginning of ERL’s rise, the Wave Sweatshirt has undoubtedly become the brand’s signature design, worn most notably by Kanye West. For their first collection at LIKELIHOOD, the hoodie gets a cotton candy-esque treatment, as its soft cotton is dressed in pastel pink and purple.


Mesh Trackpants Knit Silver: While less recognizable judging by ERL’s usual releases, the California-based brand makes their trip outside the box well worth it with their Mesh Trackpants. A combined polyester construction, elasticated waistband, and slip pockets make for the ultimate cozy bottom. And, of course, it wouldn’t be ERL if there wasn’t for a bright leg print reminiscent of psychedelia and vintage comics.