Introducing Sefr. More than Zero

Introducing Sefr. More than Zero

by Michael Garrett

Although zero connotes neutrality, zeros are powerful. Just add a zero to the end of a million. Neutral and powerful are two words that describe Swedish brand Sefr, which translates to ‘zero’ in Arabic. 

Sefr is powerful and substantive in its innate qualities; timeless design, elegant materials and expert stitching. Driven by an environmental and ethical ethos, Sefr’s quality story is supported by European small-sourced materials, which adds depth to their perfectly tailored wardrobe staples that exude sophisticated nonchalance. 

Originally a vintage consignment shop consisting of brands such as Margiela and Dries Van Noten, the designers, Messrs Per Fredrikson and Sinan Abi have translated their obsession with vintage clothing into a line as timeless as the vintage garments they once sold. 

Sefr is one of those brands that when worn, you will feel like the zeros at the end of a million bucks.