Founded in the early '90s by two brothers Dennis and Maico Signore, Diemme is inspired by the heritage of hiking boots that have been made for centuries in their home region in Italy’s spectacular Dolomite mountains. Diemme designs evolve those traditions, using the finest materials and techniques to make hiking boots and sneakers that go the distance in mountain terrains or pounding city sidewalks.

Staying true to their heritage, all Diemme products are made under one roof at their family factory in Onè di Fonte, Veneto, a small town in north-eastern Italy. For centuries, this region has been regarded as the spiritual home of handmade outdoor footwear.

Diemme has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years for not only their practical design but their functional aesthic. Weather you are hiking through the alps or going on a coffee run, Diemme ensures that you'll be ready for what ever mother nature has to throw at you this winter.

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