Real Bad Man

When Real Bad Man’s two leads Noah Butkus and Adam Weissman started the brand, an integral part of their project involved creating merch for bands that didn’t have any. Some official projects included work with The Alchemist and Slater-Kinney, while other unofficial pieces were inspired by bands from the 1960s-70s. The brand’s involvement with music stems from Weissman’s experience, a characteristic not shared by many of its peers. RealBadMan has credits listed on a number of EP’s and compilations, producing for a high volume of Michigan and New York’s new-and-old rappers including Boldy James, Willie the Kid, Inspectah Deck, and countless others. But despite Weissman’s ranging talents in the music industry, RBM apparel has become his true source of enjoyment since its creation in late 2017. His partner and him both have experience working with the likes of Stussy, Union, and UNDFTD, and have used their influences to the greatest effect in an out-of-the-box collection of graphic apparel. 




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