By Association: REAL BAD MAN

By Association: REAL BAD MAN

by Michael Garrett

We don’t blame you if you weren’t already familiar with RealBadMan. Because while you might not know them directly, you definitely do by association. Think of them as a mutual friend, someone constantly bragged about that you are finally getting to meet. This association starts with the brand’s two creators, Noah Butkus and Adam Weissman. One glance at Noah Butkus’ Instagram bio says it all, listing associations and credits with Stussy, Union, and UNDFTD. This resume--on top of Butkus’ individual art--should immediately solidify him as a must-follow creative. The other half of the brand, Adam Weissman, is also known for his art direction with the same brands as Butkus, and represents a side of the brand equally as important as their clothes: their music. 

When RBM’s two leads started the brand, an integral part of its creative ventures involved creating merch for bands that didn’t have any. Some official projects included work with The Alchemist and Slater-Kinney, while other unofficial pieces were inspired by bands from the 1960s-70s. The brand’s involvement with music stems from Weissman’s experience making it, a characteristic not shared by many of its peers. RealBadMan has credits listed on a number of EP’s and compilations, producing for a high volume of Michigan and New York’s new-and-old rappers including Boldy James, Willie the Kid, Inspectah Deck, and countless others. But despite Weissman’s ranging talents in the music industry, RBM apparel has become his true source of enjoyment since its creation in late 2017. 

The brand’s playful graphics are the result of 15 years of collaboration between the brand’s creators, combining a love for merch recreation and design experience-- specifically at Stussy--that makes for a unique and unforgettable signature set of graphics. It’s consistently-reappearing logo can be found on the VOL. 6 SS Logo Tee White, a simple logo tee that places emphasis on every-day wear with its subtle design and comfortable fit. Adding onto this graphic, RBM also often incorporates messages and additional sketches into their work, a style that couldn’t be more evident on the Exterminate LS Tee White, that adds the words “Exterminate All Rational Thought” onto several other small graphics, reminiscent of a flash tattoo sheet (all of which we would be happy to get inked by the way).

The wildest of our selections, don’t let its loudness distract you from its elevated level of quality. On the tee, the brand opts for an embroidered RBM logo rather than a printed one, with a cream base color rather than white. Confused? Exactly! Now you’re getting it. Don’t let the charming immaturity of the brand distract from its high quality garment construction.