Go Get The Bag!

Go Get The Bag!

by Ian Peterson

As spring begins, wardrobe purging is in full swing. And while it’s important to grab some new statement pieces and essentials, now is also the time to update your accessories… specifically, BAGS! Even for those already satisfied with their long-term collection, looking for a fresh bag can breathe new life into an outfit. So, with a number of exciting new additions already here for 2022, here is a list of some of our favorite new releases and brands that will carry you and your accessories for years to come.

Amiacalva: The direct translation of amiacalva is “ancient fish,” a creature that stands the test of time and continues to thrive amidst the evolution surrounding it. For us, this idea represents perfection. Every detail of each amiacalva bag remains unchanged season to season, exemplified in the light cotton features on their totes, and the soft polyester featured on their signature backpack.

Staff Favorites:

Gabardine Backpack BlackAmiacalvia_GabargineBackpack_Black_back.png

Washed Canvas 6 Pocket Tote Medium Amiacalva_WashedCanvas6PocketToteMedium_Black_hero.png

Bao Bao: The most eye-catching selection from our bag selection, Issey Miyake’s iconic Bao Bao collection is instantly recognizable worldwide. Rather than using basic cotton or polyester, the brand aligns polyurethane triangle pieces with nylon. The technique has proven revolutionary both in pattern and flexibility, and changed the accessory world entirely since its conception.

Staff Favorites:

Cart Hand Bag Matte Black baobaoofront.png

Sash Crossbody Pouch Matte Black SashCrossbodyPouch_hero.png

WTAPS: Despite frequently being hailed as a giant of Japanese streetwear, WTAPS’ military-inspired accessories rarely get the limelight they deserve. Often miniature and perfect for the everyday, each piece boasts high quality construction and an abundance of pockets for storage.

Staff Favorites:

Reconnaissance Nylon Pouch Olive Drab WTAPS_Accessories-13.png

Nylon 3-Chamber Stuff Pouch

kolor BEACON: Truly one of a kind in every way, we are beyond thrilled to remain kolor BEACON’s exclusive stockist in the US. Each season they show us their versatility, with that coming in bag form this spring. Both of the pair provide unique perspectives on recyclable materials, one with a recognizable grocery bag design and the other with a simulated newspaper lining. They’re long-lasting, well-priced, and only available here.

Staff Favorites:

AO3533 Grocery Bag GroceryBag_hero.png

A04534 Clear Newspaper Tote Bag ClearNewspaper_hero.png

MM6 x Eastpak: Known for the consistent quality and reliability their mainline products provide, Eastpak have served as the canvas for numerous designer collaborations, the latest being Maison Margiela. The release brings a pair of backpack designs that are both head-scratching and stunning, including the trippy Dripping Pak-r and a rather ironic Poster Bag.

Staff Favorites

Eastpak x MM6 Poster Bag MaisonMargiela_EastpakxMM6PosterBag_Cream_hero2.png

Eastpak x MM6 Dripping Pak'r Green MaisonMargiela_EastpakxMM6DrippingPakrGreen_hero.png