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Hidden Figures - Honey Dijon

A DJ at the forefront of the fashion world, Honey Dijon’s presence and inspiration is larger than life. Her knowledge of the art and fashion world can be quickly understood through her extensive magazine collection, an archive that includes practically every existing issue of i-D, W, and Vogue Italia.

Born in Chicago, Dijon’s career was almost immediately graced with stardom in the form of mentorships by Derrick Carter and Danny Tenaglia along with connection to fashion figureheads like Ricardo Tisci (the creative director of Burberry). These fashion links continue when reviewing her bottomless resume: she’s created soundtracks for Louis Vuitton shows, released a name-sake apparel line under Comme Des Garcons, and announced a collaboration with Acne Studios set to release later this year. A shortlist of Dijon’s work shows those unfamiliar the weight she holds in today’s art world, however it leaves out a large part of why her position is so important.

The niche world that her and her followers reside acts as a close-knit community and safe space for self-expression. While her native house music (accompanied by punk and Detroit techno) has been a catalyst for her success and massive platform, the atmosphere it fosters is a protective wall against the outside world. And while physical safe spaces remain inaccessible in unprecedented times, Dijon’s virtual performances and constantly materializing work remain to represent and care for queer youth.