Athletes and Fashion

Athletes and Fashion

by Ian Peterson


Throughout our exploration of sports and fashion, we have found inspiration from countless people, trends and teams. We decided to interview some of Seattle's biggest sports and fashion icons to get their personal takes on the things that bind sports and fashion together. Without further interruption, we are proud to introduce to you our LIKELIHOOD Starting Lineup.

We wanted to curate a diverse group of Seattle athletes to pick their brains about how connected sports and fashion really are.


Henry Wingo: Hi, I’m Henry and I’m from Lake Forest Park in Washington. I’ve played soccer my entire life, first inspired by my older brothers who were both on teams. Once I saw my friends were playing together, I knew it was time for me to join in. One thing led to another, and I soon kicked off my professional career at Seattle Sounders FC in 2017. From there I moved to Norway, where I played for Molde FK, and more recently to Budapest, Hungary to play for my current club, Ferencvaros. Truly, I couldn’t tell where my love for fashion and footwear all started, all I know is that it’s always been there. I remember being as young as seven years old picking out my outfits before going to school the next day. Then I’d wake up, and instantly change again and again… It used to drive my mom crazy.

Q: What do you think binds sports and fashion together? Is it the ability to express yourself, the idea that there are no rules in fashion? Or something else?

A: I think a lot of athletes would agree that one of the greatest joys of playing a sport comes from the ability to express yourself. And when you have that yearning for self expression, I think a lot of the time it naturally carries over into other parts of your life, like fashion. Also, you may have heard the term, “look good, play good”. It’s a popular cliche within sport… but it’s true. And if you’re an athlete that believes in that, then surely you’ll be focused on your style, inside and outside of your sport.

Q: From your perspective, what are the most influential brands within the sport?

A: Because of the teams and the individual athletes they endorse, I’d say Nike and Adidas are undoubtedly the most influential. But you also have smaller brands like Kappa and Umbro who have a long history in the game as well. They have a much more retro-focused identity about them which has really set them apart from the bigger companies and given them a special place in the industry.

Q: If you could only keep one item in your current rotation what item would it be and why?

A: My mom was kind enough to give me my grandpa’s old overcoat. The fit is perfect. It looks amazing. Obviously it has a lot of sentimental value. And it’s most necessary this time of year. So, it’d have to be that for sure.


Kaisa Keranen: Hey! I’m Kaisa. A movement coach, shoe fanatic and co-founder of Just Move. My personal style is all over the board and always has been. I think fashion is a fun & creative way to express yourself and how I choose to do so is ever evolving. Currently you could label it as sporty glam. The only thing that hasn’t changed throughout the years is my obsession with shoes

Q: If you could only keep one item in your current rotation what item would it be and why?

A: I think it would be my Nike x Ambush faux fur jacket. It’s the perfect streetwear/glam combo and I wear her all the time!

Q: What do you think binds sports and fashion together? Is it the ability to express yourself, the idea that there are no rules in fashion? Or something else?

A: I think fashion and sports have a similarity in that they’re both about pushing the boundaries. You’re not an athlete or a fashionable human if you are interested in doing what’s already been done. There’s a level of effort and confidence that they both require and that leads to a form of artistic expression. One by what they do with their body, and the other, by how they decorate the body

Q: What is one way you are going to try to ‘Break The Rules’ you set for yourself and your style in 2022?

A: I’ve really never set any rules when it comes to my style. I think my only goal would be to continue to dress for myself and no one else. And maybe to wear less sweats, Covid has got me too comfortable in lounge wear…


Nate Roberts: My name is Nate Roberts I am currently an athlete at the University of Washington on the men's basketball team. Fashion has always been a part of who I was and who I am today. I always want to look good and feel good and fashion is one big way I express that. I love basketball and fashion probably just as much, maybe even a little more. Being on a platform as a highly touted athlete on the college scene has been great for people to get to know a little and get to know a little about what makes me who I am when they see on game day and outside of that.

Q: What do you think is the main influence of fashion within the sport of Basketball or College basketball?

A: I think the biggest influence for basketball is social media, more specifically the "leaguefits'' Instagram account. Leaguefits have a huge impact on the fashion scene and allow everyone to see and enjoy different tastes in fashion at the sport’s highest level. It's great exposure for fans, fashion moguls, designers, and brands themselves to get highlighted on major platforms.

Q: What is your favorite piece you copped in 2021 and how did you style it?

A: My favorite piece I copped in 2021 ….that's tough... but if I had to pick one it would have to be these purple corduroy zodiac sign pants. I saw those pants and instantly said they were a must cop. When I styled them, I tried to keep the other parts simple because they were the statement piece in the fit. I wore this gold extended slim tee, a suede tan vest that reminds me of Uggs, a colorful custom scarf, and some 30th anniversary Jordan 4s with some Gucci shades.