Introducing, norda

Introducing, norda

by Ian Peterson

norda 001


When you visit norda's website, that quote is the first thing you'll notice in big letters, because it's absolutely true to the what the brand is about and why they've been able to make such a big splash in the footwear industry.

norda is a Canadian footwear company that blends style, performance, and sustainability. Although a relatively new brand to enter the scene, their story dates back to the year 1963, when chemist Albert Pennings discovered Dyneema: an extremely light, tent-like fabric "said to be as strong as steel and more abrasion-resistant than Kevlar" (Highsnobiety). The material is so strong, in fact, that you’ll find it in certain bullet-proof vests and even sailboat rigging lines.

norda, 001

Fast forward nearly six decades (right before the pandemic hit), husband and wife duo Willamina and Nick Martire - footwear industry veterans - began their journey to create a new, sustainable performance sneaker capable of withstanding any & every type of trail. It was at this exact moment that they sought out to create the world's most technically advanced shoe ever created, thus starting norda.

norda 001

What makes norda stand out from the rest of the footwear brands out their in the performance category is the bio-based Dyneema upper paired with a Vibram mid-sole. According to the couple, the result is "the most high-performance running shoe ever engineered" (Highsnobiety). norda's dual commitment to high-performance and sustainability is only possible because of their commitment to using the most innovative materials on the planet.


Since the very start, norda's mission has been to make every runner enjoy every run. Their high-performance, technically advanced 001 model has not only successfully caught the attention of the running industry, but the lifestyle sneaker scene as well. And it's not just by chance: their shoes are as visually stunning as they are comfortable.

We couldn't be more excited to welcome norda to our store, and we can't wait for our community to get a taste of the revolutionary 001 model.

Introducing the latest footwear brand to the LIKELIHOOD roster - and the sole WA state retailer to be carrying their shoes - that Highsnobiety dubs is "engineering Lamborghinis for your feet": norda.