What We're Doing, with Jackie Noel-Hemenway

What We're Doing, with Jackie Noel-Hemenway

by Store Admin

We know you're probably asking yourself: Who works at LIKELIHOOD? What do they do? What're their stories?

We answer those questions and more in our latest blog, What We're Doing. This week's story features Jackie "Jackie Sixty" Noel-Hemenway, the Creative Manager and "Vibe Coordinator" here at LIKELIHOOD.


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Tell us about yourself, Jackie!

My name is Jackie Noel-Hemenway, I am the Creative Manager at LIKELIHOOD, I manage the creative team. I also act as the Lead Stylist and Editorial Director.

I love my job as the Creative Manager. It’s really exciting having the creative freedom to tell stories through my team's editorial lens.

Where were you born and raised?

I was born and raised in Eastern Washington - specifically Yakima, Washington - on a peach, pear, apple and cherry orchard, so I guess you can say I’m a little fruity! I loved it, but I’m definitely more of a city girl. I grew up working at Pepsi-Cola in the summers, and I did everything from working in the factory to merchandising at the stores. It was very different from what I do now professionally, but it was a great experience for me when I was younger.

I moved to Seattle in 2016 to go to Seattle University where I studied marketing. It was an interesting move because I didn’t know anybody in the city. I had never lived in a city before, but it was really exciting to finally meet the people that shaped the "JackieSixty" I am today.

What are your hobbies and interests?

As far as my interests and hobbies go, I’m a little bit of a fashion nerd. My favorite designers are probably Margiela, Gaultier, Alexander McQueen, Raf Simons, Galliano and Halston, to name a few. I also love to go thrifting, specifically the Goodwill Bins, Red Light Vintage, or Out Of The Closet. 

As far as other activities go, I like to DJ. It’s a fun way for me to consume and share music with other people. I don’t have a specific style, but I would probably describe it as, “globally influenced experimental techno with an ironic twist” lol. I’m hoping to get back into DJing once events open back up in the post-Covid world. My favorite artists of all time are probably SOPHIE, Madonna, MGMT, Arca, and Stevie Nicks.

Besides that, I love going dancing at Pony or Kremwerk (Bossa Nova if I'm in New York).

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What drew you to the fashion industry?

I first fell in love with fashion when I decided to join Seattle University’s Fashion Club near the end of my freshman year. It was a great opportunity for me to meet a lot of really unique people who I didn’t even know at the time had similar interests to me, nor did I realize people like that existed. We did fashion shows every year where we would make our own clothes from Goodwill. We would just screw with garments, paint them and cut them up. That’s where I first learned how to be a stylist for the first time, so I sort of got into fashion before I started working in fashion.

When did you first start working at LIKELIHOOD?

I started working at LIKELIHOOD in January 2018 working as a Sales Assistant. I instantly loved it. It was my first time working in retail and sales, and I was actually super nervous at first because I was just, you know, this little kid in college at the time. But it was such a welcoming work environment, and I honestly preferred going to work than going to class.  I also used to plan our monthly parties called “Shotgun” for LIKELIHOOD, which was where I first learned how to DJ.

After I graduated, I moved to New York - specifically Brooklyn - where I worked for one of my favorite designers, Loewe, as a Sales Associate. It was really, really fun and obviously living in New York was... crazy, but I learned a lot and it definitely toughened me up a bit. I also drank way too much coffee there and never slept (Hi eye bags). I decided to move back to Seattle eight months ago and, of course, work at LIKELIHOOD once again!

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What are you eating and drinking these days?

I kind of go through these different sorts of mini-obsessions with specific dishes, foods and cuisines. For example, I recently visited New York and ate octopus for almost every meal, which is unusual since I used to hate octopus, but it was amazing for some reason and I ate it non-stop. I'm also super into oysters, especially being back in Seattle, we have amazing oysters here. If you ever go to Taylor Shellfish, they have a fantastic oyster selection like Hama Hama and Kumamoto.

As far as what I’m drinking, I’m kind of obsessed with hard kombucha right now because they come in a bunch of quirky flavors, and it feels slightly healthier than everything else one could drink - especially in terms of alcohol. I’m also really into ginger turmeric wellness shots because, again, along the same lines as wanting something that’s healthy and tasty. It may be placebo for all I know, but placebo works!

What are some of your favorite brands at LIKELIHOOD and what's your daily outfit?

My favorite brands at LIKELIHOOD currently are Eytys, UNDERCOVER, HOMME PLISSE, Asics and Stussy. My daily uniform usually consists of a pair of blue jeans, either my Margiela Cuban heel boots or my black high top Converse Chuck 70's, and then a white tank top or a white button down shirt. I also love my Tom Wood ear cuffs that I bought from LIKELIHOOD (wink wink).


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